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A collection taken during my travels as a product demonstration artist and trainer as well as on the occasional video shoot.
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   I worked for more than 44 years in the television broadcast and production business on both the technical and creative side of things.

  For most of the last 24 years, in addition to working as a freelance demonstration artist and broadcast product trainer for a variety of manufacturers, I also operated my own small video production business, shooting and editing mainly event videos for clubs and community organizations.

Grant W Lofthouse
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  Early in my career, I worked primarily on the technical and engineering side. I was writing circuit descriptions for manuals, authoring training materials, and conducting technical training classes on digital TBC's and Frame Synchronizers as early as 1979. Understanding how things worked from a technical point of view was invaluable to the operator training I would do later in my career.

  There was always something immensely satisfying to me about the teaching aspect of my job. I continued to produce my own training materials and conduct both operator and technical classes on still stores, digital effects, digital switchers, disk recorders, CG's and nonlinear editing systems, not to mention providing technical support on all of them, while working as national service manager for two different product resellers in Canada. 

  As an independent contractor since 1996, I worked with engineers and operations people in almost every imaginable environment and special application. Every time I went out there I learned something new.

  I had always said that I would love to be more involved in the creative aspect of the business and I made that happen through my own small production business. On deciding to retire I will continue to produce videos but on a much more personal level for my own pleasure first.  Having said that, I am always available to those friends and colleges who may have a need for my services in the future. I will be updating this web site and Facebook page over the Fall and Winter to reflect my new status and update some of the things that I will be working on.

  For now, I hope to get out around town and capture some of the urban experience.  When I am not doing that I will be seeking out the natural environment we can all find around us. Living here in the GTA offers an abundant supply of both.

  It has been an amazing run and I want to thank all of the great and talented people who mentored me over the years and all of the friends I have made along the way.

Grant W. Lofthouse